TJM Company Profile
TJM Company Profile

To support our specialised fleet and the broader mining industry TJM Engineering, our subsidiary company, specifically design and manufactures equipment necessary for operations. TJM Engineering was established in 1994 and purchased by VM Drilling in January 2007 and is now both owned and operated by VM Drilling.  We have a team of highly qualified and experienced Draftsmen, Engineers and Machinists working under the TJM banner.  It is through this business that we engineer specific equipment such as drilling wear consumables and items for the drilling, mining and associated industries.

We also make other equipment to improve safety, sample quality and production. One example of this is the unique TJM hands-free breakout system which can be configured to fit most R.C, air core, Rab and blast hole rigs. TJM have been manufacturing the Hands-free Breakout Units since 1998 and have continually improved the units to suit the ever changing environment in the drilling industry.
There are now a substantial number of rigs in the field with these units fitted which has seen the unit transformed to a standard safety feature and a common site requirement. 

Below is a list of the products and services TJM provide:

  • TJM Hands—free Breakout Units 
  • Manufacture and repair of Drill Heads 
  • Down hole consumables 
  • Drill head wear tubes 
  • Wear bend and cyclone adaptors 3” to 6” 
  • Hose tails 
  • Blowdown Crown adaptors 
  • Bushing/sleeves etc 
  • Design of mounting systems for rod breaker assemblies 
  • Modification of specialty parts 
  • General machining  

TJM Hands-free breakout unit
TJM Hands-free breakout unit