VM Drilling Company Profile
VM Drilling Company Profile

VM Drilling is a Kalgoorlie based, privately owned Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling company servicing clients throughout Australia.  We were established in 2004 and in that short time have grown into a company with a reputable ethos. We are constantly upgrading, modifying and expanding our fleet so that we consistently provide a superior service that is not only unrivalled in standard but also competitive in price.  Together with our highly motivated, specialist work force and exemplary safety standards we strive to be leaders and innovators within the industry. We maintain a fleet of nine RC drill rigs working at various locations nationally.

VM Drilling relocated into the Clancy Street premises in October 2007. The building is a modern office facility with a state of the art workshop. The workshop includes a 10 ton overhead gantry crane, four pole light vehicle hoist, wash pad, hydraulic room equipped with hydraulic hose, fittings and a hydraulic hose press and all amenities required for servicing and maintaining our modern fleet. The VM management team has over 30 years experience and knowledge within the industry and takes a very hands on approach to the contracts VM are involved in.

VM specialize in the following:

Remote Track Based:
  • Exploration to 800m
  • Resources Definition
  • Grade Control
  • Water Bores
  • Booster and Auxiliary units
Tyre Mounted:
  • Exploration to 600m
  • Resources Definition
  • Grade Control
  • Booster and Auxiliary units
Blast Holes:
  • Pre-split 102mm 30m Vertical
  • Trim Buffer 102m 165mm
  • Production 165mm
  • De-watering and Decompression holes
  • TJM Hands-free breakout unit
  • VM cyclone system
  • We also supply a majority of the wearable sample system consumables required in the drilling industry

All VM Drilling exploration rigs are accompanied by state of the art track mounted all terrain Booster/ Auxiliary compressor units supplying air to a maximum 2200cfm @ 1000 psi. VM Drilling’s fleet of drill rigs are paired with Tatra, all wheel drive (6x6 or 8x8) support trucks.  Our Tatra trucks are fitted with low geared diffs, optional interlock axels and “crawl” gear for optimum traction while ascending and descending slopes and negotiating difficult terrain safely providing access to almost all drill sites. Our all wheel drive Tatra’s are the ultimate accompaniment to our fleet of rigs.

 Our track based drill rigs and track mounted booster/auxiliary units are capable of reaching depths of up to 800m on rugged terrain and together make a compact and manoeuvrable unit. These machines were designed with the environment in mind and are purposely engineered to reduce required drill pad size and to reduce our environmental foot print.

 All VM Drilling rigs are fitted with automated rod handling systems and hands-free breakout units. These features reduce manual handling in the workplace and offer a safer option for our employees and clients vastly reducing incidents and injuries since their inception into the industry. VM Drilling’s in-house designed cyclone system is constructed with double chamber knife valves which seal sample off from the dust collector preventing a reduction in sample quality from sample fines from being drawn away.

 All VM Drilling employees receive ongoing training and accreditation. VM Drilling enlisted the services of a privately owned RTO company and enrolled our employees in nationally accredited certifications, relevant to their position, these being; Certificate II, III & IV in drilling operations which are nationally accredited and recognized Australia wide. VM Drilling’s internal safety systems, Safe Work Procedures (SWP) and Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) are all closely tied to the national accreditation standard and our employees are required to understand and be competent in all company policies and the VM safety management plan.