Drilling Services
VM Drilling Work Practice
VM Drilling have the ability to cater for all your Percussion drilling requirements from Blast Holes through to deep hole exploration. VM drilling Pty Ltd will use the industry's best practices for all types of drilling performed. Following are details of VM Drillings practices and methods.

    1. All VM Drilling personnel will complete and adhere to the induction procedures and site requirements for the
        client. All VM staff have Marcsta, MWHS, Senior first aid certificates, HR License, Police clearance and will have
        passed a Company Medical and recent drug screen.

    2. VM Drilling will continually improve Driller and Offsider rig awareness and Drill training through hands on and
        in house training from supervisors along with external training where applicable.

    3. VM Drilling maintains a fitness for work program whereby all personnel are required to comply with
        program standards in addition to any client requirements on a daily basis. The program requires all
        staff be aware of and adhere to a 0.000 blood alcohol concentration via daily testing and "for cause"

    4. All equipment will be available for client inspection upon commencement and throughout the contract
        as required. Equipment will conform to all relevant regulations and standards.

    5. Each shift will perform a pre-start check of all vehicles and plant on a daily basis, each pre-start is
        documented and filed for records. In addition a monthly audit is carried out involving a supervisor or
        fitter to ensure equipment standards are maintained at the highest levels.

    6. VM Drilling will supply and carry stock of all relevant Personal Protective Equipment which employees
        will maintain and wear as required with a goal of 100% compliance at all times.

    7. All VM personnel will follow safe working practices as currently defined in the VM Drilling safety
        management plan. These practices include but are not limited to; VM Drilling JSA Manual, MSDS Folder, SWP's (safe
        work procedures) and management instruction.

    8. All accidents/incidents, hazards and near misses will be reported in accordance with VM Drilling
        procedures and in conjunction with client site practices.

    9. Safety will take precedent over all functions of the drilling crew at all times.

    10. VM Drilling will use only the best quality down hole equipment. Equipment will be selected dependant
         on efficiency, performance and suitably for conditions. Sufficient replacement spares and drill bits will
         be carried to ensure continuous performance.

    11. Samples for RC Drilling will be presented in each bag as supplied and requested by the client.
          Duplicates will be placed in secondary bags and placed with original sample unless otherwise stated by
          client. In the unlikely event the drilling sample is compromised, drilling will be halted immediately and
          the client will be consulted so the problem may be rectified prior to re-commencement.

    12. The on board cyclone will be cleaned after each hole and more frequently if required or requested by
          the client.

    13. Water suppression systems will be maintained to ensure a minimum amount of dust during the drilling
          operation at all times. All problems will be addressed forthwith should they arise.

    14. The drilling speed will be controlled to maintain the integrity of the sample and minimise any deviation
          resulting from over feeding.

    15. All drill holes will be conditioned as necessary to maintain the integrity of the sample and drill collar.

    16. Drilling log sheets will be presented daily for signing by the clients authorised representative.

    17. The drilling Logs/Plods will include:

            a. Hole number and description 
            b. Client and drilling location 
            c. Crew names and shift times 
            d. Metres drilled and depth from/to for that shift 
            e. Breakdown of total hours for each activity eg. blasting time, drilling hours, worktime 
            f. Consumables used 
            g. Fuel usage 
            h. Water carting/usage 
            i. Engine hours 
            j. Driller's signature 
            k. The drill plod is then entered into our data entry program at the Kalgoorlie office. 

         VM Drilling can provide clients the following information from this data entry:

            a. A spreadsheet detailing daily drilling, work time and consumables 
            b. Rig availability schedules 
            c. A summary sheet/invoice with all the holes listed and with any extra charges outlined 
            d. A summary of man hours for the period if required 
            e. VM Drilling will discuss any further information requests specified by the client 
            f. VM Drilling will provide sufficient lighting for safe working conditions on night shift
               and back charge to client. Clients have option to supply their own lighting tower.

    18. All VM Drilling mobile equipment will be fitted with standard 40 channel UHF two way radios. Any radio
          requirements outside of these specifications will need to be supplied by clients or a suitable outcome
          will be negotiated.

    19. All VM Drilling mobile equipment entering the mine site will be fitted with a flashing beacon and Hi
          visibility flag and comply with client protocols.

    20. All VM Drilling light vehicles are fitted with satellite phones for regular communications from any
          location within Australia.