Blast Hole Drilling
Blast Hole Drilling

VM have three units specifically designed for blast hole drilling/ grade control. These Atlas Copco Roc L8's are track mounted, cab operated machines. All three of these have the VM cyclone and sampling system fitted for Grade Control purposes.

These units are modern state of the art Drill rigs and come equipped with the latest technology in electronic engine management for fuel efficiency and emission control. 

The rigs all have a carousel capacity of 54m in depth with a fully automated rod loader which is completely sensor controlled leaving no room for operator error during the rod loading and unloading process.

They offer excellent operator visibility and controls for safety with automatic overide sensors for stability. The cab is airconditioned for operator comfort reducing stress in extreme environments and extra lighting is fitted to assist with visibility in all working environments.

The Atlas machines are fitted with some of the latest digital technology including external cameras for reverse tramming, digital meter reading for depth accuracy and hole alignment and electronic clinometers for accuracy during rig allignment.

They are fitted with an additional electric over hydraulic isolation lockout's placed at the offsiders work station to allow the offsiders to isolate the drillers controls while working in proximity of the drill head and carosel etc.

These machines are versatile and agile with the ability to work in small access areas with a fully flexible mast orientation for pre splits and working close to pit walls. They can drill horizontal holes into pit walls for de-watering and are a well sought after machine. They are quickly setup and packed up and very manouvreable making these some of the more productive and safe units around the goldfields and perfect for those hard to get to grade control programs.