RC Drilling
RC Drilling
VM Drilling originally started out operating track based, deep hole RC Exploration rigs. These units are renowned for being a stable platform therefore giving better mobility, hole alignment and less hole deviation.  VM Drilling has expanded their fleet to include truck based RC exploration rigs, including a state of the art Atlas Copco Explorac 220 and a new 685 Shcramm.

Our track based rigs are appealing to clients as they can reach depths of up to 800m on rugged terrain and also reduce the impact on the environment because they are more manoeverable with a smaller footprint.  Our truck based rigs have the ability to reach depths of up to 600 meters and are mounted on all wheel drive trucks.

All VM Rigs are fitted with automated rod loaders for reduced manual handling. Our rod loader controls are hydraulically operated eliminating remote controls and the problematic system of electric over hydraulic controls.

We have the revolutionary TJM handsfree breakout units fitted to all of our exploration machines to eliminate the need for stilsons. The TJM breakouts have the ability to break down threads through the rod line and hammers at the pull of a lever.

The VM cyclone system is constructed with double chamber doors which seal the sample off from the dust collector preventing the sample fines from being drawn away and reducing sample quality, resulting in a very accurate sample.

The rigs are all accompanied by eight wheel drive Tatra's. They are an all terrain truck built in the Czech Republic and engineered for operating in uneven terrain. The trucks are set up with bulk fuel and water tanks, high pressure washers, diesel/water pumps. These trucks give us the capability to drill in areas accessible only by track mounted machines.

The auxiliary units for these machines can be either track based or all wheel drive truck driven. They have the capacity to produce 2400 cfm @ 1000 psi, they are complete with deck mounted emergency shutdown system, transfers hoses including full length whip socks, australian standard access ladders and walkways.

VM use only RRE threads on 4 1/2 x 6m Drill rods on their exploration rigs, hammers will be RE 054 supplied by Sandvik Mining. All drill bits used will be of genuine good quality.
VM have designed their own sampling system with hard wearing points in mind, they have had wearable sleeves designed specifically from hard casting to extend the life of the sampling system and hoses, most of which are designed and built by subsidary company TJM Engineering. Vm drilling uses 4'" sample hoses which reduduce velocity and in turn hose wear. 

We believe we have the equipment matched with the experience to take on any of your remote deep hole exploration needs.