Rig Nine
Rig Nine

Rig 9 is a T685 Schramm mounted on an all wheel drive (8x8) MAN truck and is fully equipped for RC mineral exploration, resource definition and water bore drilling.  With an on board cyclone sampling system, capacious rod bin (280 meters) and the ability to load additional rods from a truck, Rig 9 is ready to handle your deep hole exploration needs.

Rig 9 has a list of safety features including hydraulically operated Australian standard walkways, automated Sandvick rod handling system, our patented TJM hands-free breakout system and safety rated cable static lines for working at heights, just to name a few. VM Drilling has also installed a hydraulic lockout system to the cyclone and splitter for protection to offsiders while carrying out cleaning and routine duties.

Rig 9 derives high performance and power from an electronically governed Detroit engine, a 500 psi compressor and large hydraulic system.  All of this together with either our truck or track mounted booster and auxiliary units makes for a commanding package, with the ability to achieve drill depths to 600 meters efficiently, effectively and to the safest of standards. Below are some of the features of this machine;


  • MTU 2000 Series V12 850hp@1800
  • Sullair 1350/500 Compressor
  • 600m depth capability
  • V-pack Coolers
  • Boom Jim rated at 750kg
  • Sandvick Rod Handler
  • Hydraulic centralizing slips table
  • TJM Hands-free rod breaking system
  • 280m Rod carrying capacity
  • Mounted on an all wheel drive (8x8) MAN
  • Tatra 8x8 all terrain support trucks
  • Track or truck mount auxiliary/Booster 2300cfm @ 1000psi
  • Onboard Dust suppression
  • Hydraulic Walkways and Handrails
  • Rig mounted hydraulic cyclone
  • Cone splitter on full rotational arm with raise/lower function
  • Most Movement from 90' to 50'
  • Survey Winch
  • Hydraulic Blowdown system 
  • Fire Suppression
  • Full sock whipchecks fitted to all high pressure air hose