Rig Seven
Rig Seven

Rig 7 is an Atlas Copco Explorac 220RC. This rig is at the forefront of today’s technology and has a host of features. The rig is controlled via a portable remote drillers station which can be set up at a distance of up to 10 meters away.  This allows the driller maximum visibility of the rig and sampling area.  The rigs engine, compressor and hydraulic systems are electronically monitored. The drilling information, performance, eventual alarms and discrepancy reports are shown on an all weather display, that together with operational levers, make up the drillers station. These features, combined with the features below and the general lay out of the machine make it the most user friendly rig of its kind. Rig 7 also has a fully silenced power pack which reduces noise to the industry’s highest standards. As with all our exploration rigs, Rig 7 is setup for RC mineral exploration, resource definition and water bore drilling.            

  •        Electronically governed CAT engine

  •        30 bar compressor

  •        55  ambient cooling
  •        500 meter depth capability
  •        Handling hoist

  •        Remote controlled KL rod handler 

  •        Scania all wheel drive ( 8x8) truck

  •        Onboard dust suppression

  •        Australian standard guarding handrails, step ladders and platforms

  •        Rig mounted hydraulic cyclone and cone splitter

  •        Cyclone and cone splitter on full rotational arm with raise/lower function

  •        Fully hydraulic centralizing slips table

  •         Full lockable isolation and emergency shutdown system 

  •          Mast movement of 90 to 50 

  •          Survey winch

  •          Hydraulic blowdown system

  •          Fire suppression

  •          Full whip checks fitted to all high pressure air hoses