Rig Six
Rig Six

Rig 6 is a Hydco 800 and was constructed in July 2009. This unit was designed specifically around Iron ore work in the hill country. It has been built for deep hole (800 meters) R.C. Exploration but with the environment in mind during its design.

This rig is 8.5m in length (track base) and at 3.5m wide take up a very small pad footprint with the drilling abilities of a much larger machine making this a very versatile machine, some of it features are listed below:


  • MTU 2000 Series V12 850hp@1800
  • Sullair 1350/500 Compressor
  • V-Pack Coolers
  • 800m depth capability
  • Boom Jim rated at 500kg
  • Sandvick Rod Handler    
  • Hydraulic centralizing slips table
  • TJM Hands-free rod breaking system
  • 300m Rod carrying capacity
  • Belly tanks for 3000l fuel & 1500l water
  • Tatra 8x8 all terrain support trucks
  • Track mount auxiliary/Booster 2400cfm @ 1000psi
  • Dust suppression
  • Handrails/walkways all around unit
  • Rig mounted hydraulic cyclone
  • Outside return cyclone
  • Cone splitter on full rotational arm with raise/lower function
  • Remote Control tramming
  • Fire Suppression
  • Full (three point) electronic emergency shutdown
  • Full sock whipchecks fitted to all high pressure air hose
  • 1.8metre jacklegs rated to 60 ton capacity for leveling rig

Rig sixes track base has also been fitted with a specialized water injection system. This system utilizes onboard water to cool the tracks and track rollers during tramming over considerable distances helping to eliminate downtime and assisting our clients in keeping with their production schedules.  This is a very manoeuvrable compact unit perfect for any terrain, but capable of drilling in areas of limited access with small pad preparations, it has the ability to drill self contained to 300m where the terrain restricts access to support trucks reaching the machine.
This unit is available for exploration, resource definition, water bores or any other of your R.C. Drilling requirements.